In Memorium?

Let me level with you for a minute: I’m sure you’re all perfectly aware of this, since you are most likely a frequenter of this blog. But I just thought a reminder was in order: Polytheism is still there.

Apparently the North Georgia’s Skeptic Society thought it wasn’t, because they created one of the more offensive things I’ve seen in a while, and not for the reasons you might think. They created a ‘god graveyard’ in which they had 200 ‘tombstones’ to gods that have been relegated to myths or forgotten about, according to them.¬†


At first glance, I saw Anpu in there somewhere, which was the first thing that pissed me off. Anpu is not dead by any stretch of the imagination (though He is lord over that domain, that certainly doesn’t make Him dead) and to see the disrespect of not only one of my gods there but also disrespect to my religion and my status as a practitioner, you can see how I would be angry.

But, this is a college skeptic society. As much as I hate to admit it, there are a lot of asshole atheists out there, and I’m not surprised that a group of them did something like this. But then I saw some comments that indicated it wasn’t just the ancient gods that would easily be mistaken for ‘dead’ if someone didn’t know about revivalist movements: there were the Iwa and the Kami and the Hindu deities as well, and those religions are not only not dead, they’re thriving, and they never lost their worship in the first place. Even cursory research would show one this.

So not only are they disrespecting my religion, but as an offense much worse they are reducing the religions of PoC who are still alive and quite thriving. They are disrespecting whole cultures. And such a thing is, by far, one of the more dickish things I’ve seen atheists pull.

If only to add insult to injury, Hank Green stated on his tumblr that if he had the money, he would make a ‘permanent’ thing here. I intensely admire the Green brothers, despite their trip-ups in the past. I expected much better from someone as knowledgeable as Hank.

Anyway, rant over. One more thing…

Dua Netjer! Praise the forgotten gods and the gods not so forgotten after all!


One thought on “In Memorium?

  1. At first, I disagreed with you. I don’t find it insulting for someone to assume a god dead when the only worshippers today are reconstructionists. However, including gods that have had continuous worship is shoddy research; if you’re going to talk crap about gods (or at least their worship) dying off, at least have the decency to only name “dead” gods.

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