Welcoming the Fall

Well, it’s getting to that time of year again. I’m referring to the Autumn, which I welcome with open arms each year with varying degrees of enthusiasm. (Example: ‘oh god, November’s coming up, should I write a novel’ and ‘oh god, Halloween’s coming up, will I be able to brave the TV’.) In my personal pantheon of deities that means it’s time to welcome Lady Autumn for her brief and glorious stay before the Lord Winter arrives once again. In the northern hemisphere, it’s also time for Mabon, and if you’re following the Kemetic calender it’s also time to honor Het-Hert. Huzzah! Holidays and the changing of the seasons!

Along with the changing of the seasons comes the inevitable time when we’re all stuck inside because it’s either cold as balls outside, or, if you’re lucky, it’s nice but you’re too addicted to browsing tumblr to go outside. Most people associate the cold months with stagnation and rest, but for the sake of my spiritual and physical health, it seems that’s no longer going to be the case.

And you ask, what do you mean your spiritual health? As an answer, I’m going to point to a sleeping habit of mine. When I was much younger I used to get night terrors quite often, and almost every night I would suffer through a nightmare. I gathered dream catchers from sales that reservations had, and hoped for the best. Eventually, the nightmares ended. I still had a nasty habit of talking or even holding panicked conversations in my sleep, but this had mostly subsided…until now, when my roommate informed me that I’d been freaking out in my sleep without me realizing it.

I attribute this to the fact that I’ve been rather lazy as of late, but that can’t be all of it. As discussed in a previous entry, I’ve been trying to overcome the emotional baggage that my father and childhood left me with, and because of the move to university I’ve been rather slacking in this area. 

So, as the new season arrives, I’m going to try to overcome the stagnation in my emotional and physical life in order to overcome the stagnation in the spiritual. 


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