Basic Magic Wolf-Witch’s way: Sigils

I love sigils. They are literally one of my favorite methods of casting spells, and they’re easy to come up with on the fly and they don’t require anything but a writing surface, a writing utensil, and your own energy. For that reason, I like them for emergency spellcasting and warding, something that is a critical skill to have when you’re working with entities or energy that might attract entities.

First of all, what is a sigil? That’s not an easy question to answer comprehensively, but at its most basic form, it’s a picture that symbolizes intent. The methods of creating them differ greatly based on the practitioner, but a very popular method (and the one I use) was created by Austin Osman Spare. It involves writing down your intent and creating a symbol out of the letters.

A more detailed explanation would go like this: 

  1. Write down a statement of intent in the present tense: For my example, I’m going to say ‘I AM ABLE TO CREATE SIGILS’.
  2. Cross out the vowels: ‘I AM ABLE TO CREATE SIGILS’ becomes ‘M BL T CRT SGLS’
  3. Cross out any repeating letters. the letters are now ‘M BL T CR SG’
  4. Make a design out of these letters until it ‘looks right’. This is a gut thing; initially I attempt to form the design into something related to what it represents (for instance, a spell involving someone’s emotions might be shaped a bit like a heart) but that’s up to the individual. I usually go through several designs; you need to feel it in your gut when the sigil is right.

That’s creating the sigil. These are often individualized and you might never use them again aside from the particular spell, but if you’re doing defensive spells or warding I would recommend writing them down and even memorizing them in case of emergencies. 

If you create sigils often enough, they’ll start to have a particular ‘flavor’, where they look like your sigils. There are, of course, other ways beside’s Osman’s to create sigils, so experiment if that approach doesn’t seem right. 

Charging sigils is, again, very individualized, but here’s my method (which has changed since I first started creating them). A sigil that isn’t charged isn’t going to do anything, so this is a critical step.

  1. Take your sigil, and put your hand over it; visualize the sigil and mentally associate what it means with the symbol.
  2. Concentrate your energy on your hand; visualize the sigil almost like a battery, your energy the electricity, and your arm the charger. Start filling up the sigil with energy.
  3. When it finally tops off, tell either to yourself or out loud: “This sigil is cast”. Remove your hand. 

In my own theory, sigils work off of the subconscious mind. Putting a sigil online is generally a bad idea, unless you want to charge it, and even then it’s taking a huge risk. Some people are sensitive to sigils, so it’s necessary you warn for images of them. Even if you do, since they work off of the subconscious mind, unless you specify what the sigil is for, a strangers might put in energy that you don’t want into your sigil simply by looking at it for any length of time. 

And, as a warning, you must be as specific as possible when creating sigils. Magic, as a general rule, will take the path of least resistance to the goal, so creating a spell for money without specifying how you get that money is a recipe for disaster. When constructing sigils, be specific.

Next time, Herbs and stones in spells.


2 thoughts on “Basic Magic Wolf-Witch’s way: Sigils

  1. Since you love sigils and happen to blog, I’ll assume you use a keyboard, LOL! A method I prefer for sigil creation is to trace the letter as it finger-picking the word or phrase on a keyboard in the air. The lines drawn by your hand shifting from key to key are just like the sigils that use that special letter block to create a shape based on your word’s spelling… only a keyboard comes more naturally (especially on the fly) to a blogger.

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