Pop Culture Paganism: How are gods made?

If you haven’t heard of it, then you probably should learn about it: pop culture paganism. Basically, using objects or ideas in pop culture to worship or use ritually. The first type of pop culture paganism I was ever exposed to was Friendship is Pagan. Yes, this means ponies. 

Actually, the MLP: FiM universe has a lot of pretty solid mythology. Basically, they have a Solar deity, a Lunar deity, a deity of loyalty, and a wisdom deity (Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Twilight in that order). Not only that, there is also the Elements of Harmony, and mythos going back thousands of years in-universe. Meaning, goddamn, you’ve got yourself a pantheon.

This means rites, rituals, seasonal celebrations, the works. The Friendship is Pagan tag on tumblr is pretty interesting, if you want to take a look. And there’s not just that; pagans are using objects from everyday urban life to do witchery with. It sort of ties into Technopaganism, something I’ll get to in a later post. 

This type of paganism has been assaulted recently on tumblr. Maybe it’s just them, but apparently people don’t like the idea of incorporating modern elements into religion. Which is kind of ridiculous, considering that’s what ancient people did with their religion.

Ancient people knew certain things were important: the sun for providing warmth, agriculture, artisans, farmers, you name it; and guess what? they had deities for all those important aspects of life. So suddenly it’s not okay for people to incorporate important parts of their life into religion? Double standard, no?

So let the pony folks worship Celestia. It’s their religion, not other people’s.


One thought on “Pop Culture Paganism: How are gods made?

  1. I love it!
    I love it for two reasons: 1) Ponies are awesome. 2) Religions change over time. They appear static in hindsight because of our perspective on history.

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