Pagan Blog Project week 9: E is for Energy

I know a lot about energy. Of course, you might be asking yourself, wait! This witch is a newbie! how do they know so much about energy? Well, for your information, I know about all kinds of energy.

Kinetic, gravitational, potential, elastic…oh wait. That’s the wrong kind of energy.

I could go on and on about physics, but energy in witchcraft is not the same as energy in science. In science, for instance, measuring kinetic energy is as simple as multiplying one-half of the mass by the velocity squared. Now spiritual energy is a lot more tricky than that. How do you even get spiritual energy? in what way is it spent? The simple answer is, it’s kind of up to you.

There are a lot of sure-fire ways of getting spiritual energy that I’ve seen lauded by more experienced pagans than I. Exercising and meditation seem to be popular methods. But, for instance, most people feel drained after doing divination. I, on the other hand, feel mentally drained, but not spiritually drained. In fact the opposite is true: doing divination gives me so much excess energy in my hands that I have to channel it into an object, or it gets almost overwhelming. Meanwhile, meditation wears me out because of my lack of an ability to concentrate for long periods of time.

Okay, so what about spending energy? How do we do that? Mostly by doing things. Not physical things like exercise that will build energy up, but practices that require energy to do. Astral travel, divination, spellwork, healing–all these things take spiritual energy to do. Doing a lot of this without first building up energy can make life ten times more difficult, religion-wise and not. Using up tons of energy in one go isn’t going to be practical when you want to put an emergency sigil into use in the middle of the night, and doing large amounts of spiritual work is both mentally and physically draining.

I reexamined that bit from the beginning where I started to get all science-y on you. And, actually, I realized something: the laws of physical energy can be applied to spiritual energy, although it’s not measurable. The law of conservation of energy states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, merely changes form. Work takes energy away from or adds energy to a system. In the same way, if spiritual energy comes from a source outside ourselves, perhaps from the divine, or the pulsing energy of the universe itself, it can never be destroyed. It will change form; as it flows into you it changes, and as you do work in order to manifest that energy into reality, which in turn flows back to whence it came. There is no loss.

I guess physics can be useful on occasion.


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