Pagan Blog Project week 7: D is for Divination

Okay, so I would be lying if I said divination never attracted me, even when I was a hardcore Christian. I saw the tarot and immediately fell in love with it. The thing was, I had to get it past my mother (as I do most things). Thankfully, it wasn’t that hard, since all I had to do was claim that I had them for the artwork and nothing more, something I had tried to convince myself of. But you can only look at the pretty cards for so long before you try doing something with them.

So, I’ve been doing tarot for a month or two. I’m still getting the hang of it–no one had taught me how to shuffle cards, so I had to learn that to start with–but I’m mostly getting accurate readings so far. But as I’ve discovered, the tarot isn’t always the most accommodating of bedfellows. The two decks I have now, the steampunk tarot and the faerie tarot, both have unique ways of telling me things, and their own personality. My faerie tarot warmed up to me right away, and was very easy to interpret. The steampunk deck, on the other hand, was a bit of a brat. It refused to give me readings that made sense, or only did so some of the time, and was difficult to interpret until I did a spread intended to let me know what the deck was going to do for me, and what I needed to do for the deck. Then it warmed up. But it’s still a little finicky sometimes.

Tarot is difficult for me simply because it drains energy once I’ve done two or three readings, something that frustrates me greatly. I believe a divine force lets the cards fall where they do and guides me to pick the right ones, but that doesn’t mean that a whole lot of my energy is spent in the process either. I don’t know which method works the best for me. When I’m feeling lazy, I draw the cards from the top of the deck, but if I’m really trying I fan out the deck and try to feel out the correct cards with my hands. Sometimes one method works, sometimes the other does. The decks switch up for me, sometimes giving terrible readings until I read for myself, then giving me terrible readings until I read for other people. Sometimes I don’t know WHAT it wants me to do. It’s frustrating, but rewarding as well.

I don’t just do tarot, though. I also do pendulum divination, something that’s a lot more  useful in trying to ask the gods questions. for this, I use my ankh, since that’s the most pendulum-y type thing I have around. I ask it a few questions I know the answer to to determine what yes and no are, then after I’m confident enough I start asking the real questions. It’s usually to clarify something, and if I ask a yes-or-no question where the ‘yes’  or ‘no’ would require a more in-depth answer, I’ll use the tarot to expand on it.

Also, something I’ve found is that if you give the gods stuff when you’re doing divination, especially incense, the answers are going to be more clear. According to Kemetic tradition, the incense smoke is the manifestation of a god. So, requesting a god’s presence is something that can greatly improve readings.


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