Pagan Blog Project week 8: D is for Deity Candles

My favorite type of magick is candle magick. It’s easy, simple, and most importantly easy to store out of sight for those of us in the broom closet. Not only that, but candles and flame in general make very good offerings to deities, especially if the deity in question is a fire deity or a hearth deity. In Kemetic tradition, open flame is also one of the staples of offerings.

For my own altar, I always have two tealight candles that I light each night. I call these ‘deity candles’ as they’re both an offering and representative of Anpu and Amaterasu. Deity candles are useful in everyday ritual context, but when you’re doing a specific ritual in summoning the aid of a deity, they’re a must.

For instance, when I do tarot readings and ask for answers from a deity that I don’t normally work with, I light a candle on my altar in their honor (as well as incense) and state this intention either out loud or mentally. It doesn’t hurt to add some food offerings either. In another example, if I’m casting a spell, and I’m calling on the help of a deity (any deity) I will light a candle in their honor inside the circle. Bonus points if it’s a ritual candle that’s one of the deities’ colors. (Tip: if you’re also lighting incense in their honor, use the ritual candle representing them to light it.) If you call upon a deity for aid in a moment of need, without previously lighting a candle, make sure to set one up as soon as possible. Again, food doesn’t hurt.



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