Pagan blog project week 2: A is for Amaterasu

Note: sorry for the wait, you guys, I had a lot of trouble with my internet connection and app this week.

Pictured: an old picture of Amaterasu Omikami above two other deities.

Amaterasu, pictured above two other deities.

Ok, so I haven’t been a pagan for very long, but I pretty immediately was drawn to Amaterasu as a matron goddess. The first time I heard of her was, admittedly, through the game Okami (which is a fantastic game just so you know) and it was also really my first exposure to shinto. Of course, back then it was just a video game, and although I was very interested in the concepts presented by the game, I thought couldn’t possibly convert from Christianity, and and it simply became a quiet fascination.

Put quite simply, I was hooked, line and sinker.

Of course the actual Amaterasu is very different from the Amaterasu presented in Okami. The game squashed a myriad of Kami and tales together, taking great liberties with the way they were portrayed. As I prayed to Amaterasu, and then felt her presence for the first time, and offered her rice, I realized that She was a much more complicated being than I had first thought, and that I had made a good choice in seeking her out.

Technically speaking, when you’re going to offer to Amaterasu, you should offer salt, rice, clear quartz, milk, water, sake, and brightly colored foods. She also likes candles and incense, so setting it up isn’t very different from other gods. You should also offer prayers and praise.

As well as she is loving, she is also an emotional deity, and she’s not afraid to protect what she loves–for instance, after their father banished Amaterasu’s brother from his home and he went to see her in heaven , she was not afraid to take up arms against him in
light of their troubles in the past. I feel like she is equal parts a Kami of nature, an agricultural goddess, the ruler of heaven, and a .protective deity.


2 thoughts on “Pagan blog project week 2: A is for Amaterasu

  1. Hey. I have probably been a pagan a measure of time, compared to what you were when you found Amaterasu. I knew of her from Okami as well. But I have finally fully left Chrisianity, and although I am still iffy about YehWeh as my patron, I have been considering Amaterasu as my matron for sometime.

    I think it’s cool that things are similar, and I was wondering where you found a lot of information, or if you could give. Me advice for her.

    • Generally, google is your friend. There are a lot of entries for her scattered around the web, and they also have the Kojiki and the Nihon Shoki online for you to read, which is translations of the records of the emperors and creation mythos.

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